Hiro Design




Hiro Design specialises in architectural and interior design consultancy, creating masterful spaces to inspire all kinds of users. At the helm is Michael Hrysomallis, the founding director who holds over 20 years experience in the design industry. Michael has previously worked at a number of leading Australian architectural and interior practices overseeing a number of significant projects, some of which have won numerous design awards both internationally and locally.

Michael offers a personalised director service, overseeing all projects from inception to completion. He is supported by a team of talented and experienced design professionals who assist in ensuring all project objectives are realised. The Hiro Design team has extensive experience and portfolio across the commercial, workplace, hospitality, retail, education and residential sectors.

Unafraid to challenge perceived confines of design, the studio constantly explores innovative ideas and possibilities, seamlessly uniting the aspirational brand and functional imperatives of clients’ environments.